About us

Welcome to the Staffordshire Phoenix Rifle and Pistol Club

NTSA Affiliated.

Formed in early 2013 by a group of keen experienced shooters, the Staffordshire Phoenix Rifle and Pistol Club is a modern, progressive club that seeks to promote the sport of target shooting in a friendly, relaxed and safe environment.

Affiliated to the UKPSA, NTSA and NSRA,  and with Home Office Approval, we are based in the Midlands shooting regularly  near Tamworth and a variety of private ranges in the Midlands.  We shoot from 25 up to 2000 metres. In addition, we now have our own ranges for smallbore rifle, pistol calibre centre-fire and practical shotgun.

The Staffordshire Phoenix Club provides morning and afternoon shoots on our own ranges at the weekends and, in the summer months, the occasional afternoon/evening shoot mid week. We also have special interest groups, for example, the Long Rangers,  who frequently shoot at other  ranges out to distances of two miles, and a group who venture over to Europe   to shoot handguns and machine guns

For those with the desire to shoot shotguns, we have facilities for Target, Practical and Clay pigeon shoots … and we are open to even more suggestions. Those of you with a penchant for long pointy things could even join our archery section and twang as well as bang.

We are a club of committed shooters so if you too can commit to a minimum of 6 shoots per year then come and join us.