Black Powder Brief

Black Powder Safety

•Black Powder (or modern equivalents) must be kept in suitable containers when on the range. Remember, you cannot bring black powder to the range if you do not posses a current RCA certificate from the HSE.

•Firearms may be charged with powder and ball in designated areas behind the firing point. If the shooter wishes to “cap off” before charging the firearm the RCO’s permission must be obtained first.

•Pre-filled phials of black powder should be used to charge and recharge a firearm to eliminate the risk of a catastrophic explosion of a powder flask due to the accidental premature ignition of the charge.

•Charged firearms must not be left unattended.

•No charged black powder firearm may be primed or capped until on the firing point and the RCO has given the order to prime or cap up.

•Spare caps and powder must be kept covered at all times.

•Misfires must be handled with the greatest respect as delayed ignition can be dangerous. Wait at least 30 seconds with the firearm pointed at your target before checking. Notify the RCO if you wish to replace a missing cap, keeping the firearm pointing at your target.

•Firearms must be proved clear to the RCO before being removed from the firing point. If a misfire has occurred and the charge is still in place then the firearm must be made safe by removing the method of ignition to the satisfaction of the RCO.

•Any misfired charge must be removed from the firearm before the firearm is removed from the range.

Remember that, as always, ALL firearms must be covered when being conveyed to and from the firing point. This includes pistols.