Kingsbury Fullbore Ranges

GENERIC FIRER’S BRIEF FOR KINGSBURY “A” GALLERY RANGE(For Thorpe Cloud Range apply from “On The Range” Downwards). Any changes or additions will be advised by the RCOs on the shoot day.


Start time will be 09:00. Please muster in the car park adjacent to the 600 yard firing point by 08:00. Briefings and duties will be allocated by 08:15 after which, at the discretion of the RCO, late-comers will not be eligible to shoot. NOTE: If you intend to leave the range early ensure that you elect to be first butt party then you may leave during your shooting detail. You will be unable to leave the range from your butt detail. Please ensure that you sign in before you leave for the firing point or butts.

The change-over time will be at 10:45 when the butt party will swap with the firers normally routing via the wood-side as parallel Range “B” will normally be in use by the military. Check with your RCO for confirmation. The toilet block is located on “B” range south east of the range warden’s building.

Our shooting details will finish by 12:30.


Shooting will normally be at 300 yards. It may be possible to move back to 500 or 600 yards depending on military and other club’s usage. This will be advised on the day. Our two lanes will normally be between 5 and 8. No HME firearms or ammunition will be permitted.


Duties for the day will be as follows:

1. Butt supervisor and target operators/markers

2. First aiders (firing point and butts). Also responsible for collecting/checking and returning the first aid kit to the RCO.

3. Safety Supervisors (and coaches if required)


Ear defenders must be worn at all times (including the butts).

Firearms must be sleeved, have the magazine removed (if possible), the bolt removed or bolt open with a safety flag fitted until you are forward on the firing point..

Aiming or dry firing is not permitted without the express permission of the RCO and then only on the firing point down an allocated lane when the butt flag is down.

NO kit on the firing point until the butt flag is down and advised to do so by the duty RCO. The RCO will advise you to “Move forward and prepare to shoot but do not load”. (You may prime detached magazines at this point).The targets will be raised, ensure you are pointing your firearm down your lane and sighted on your target but do not load until cleared to do so. “You are cleared to load, Make Ready and fire at your target ahead” will then be given.

N.B. If you encounter a misfire (or a malfunction) keep your firearm pointing down your lane at your target and parallel to the ground raise your arm to call for assistance. Do not attempt to clear a misfire until you have waited 30 seconds or more. Misfired rounds showing an indentation on the primer must not be reloaded and must be removed from the range on departure.


If the command “STOP-STOP-STOP” is given stop shooting IMMEDIATELY, THEN DO NOTHING (even if your bolt is closed on a live round) and, with fingers clear of the firing mechanism, AWAIT FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS from the RCO. Anyone who sees a dangerous or potentially dangerous situation can call “STOP-STOP-STOP!”.


Ensure that your firearm is properly cleared by your coach, safety supervisor or/and the duty RCO.

Remove all your equipment, expended and live rounds (including misfires) from the firing point.