Target Shotgun


Target Shotgun (TS) grew out of Practical Shotgun (aka PSG) and is a relatively new discipline in shooting, being less than twenty years old. The main elements that make up Target Shotgun are:

    • set shooting positions (standing or sitting)
    • a set number of rounds
    • usually a set amount of time in which to shoot.

In the UK Target Shotgun started to gather a following at Bisley and quickly become very popular. Alas the NRA didn’t want to expand the discipline outside of Bisley. Therefore in 2012 the National Target Shotgun Association (NTSA) formed.

SPRPC affiliated to NTSA in early 2020.

Practical Shooting (which includes Practical Shotgun) emphases movement, speed as well as accuracy. Theoretically you can use as much ammo as you wish, although the timer is ticking so it’s a judgement call as to how much ammo to use.

Target Shotgun, in contrast, removes the movement element and drastically simplifies the whole process. There are several advantages to this:

    • It is accessible, those who have disabilities or infirmities, can be competitive
    • Section 2 shotguns can be competitive, although still not ideal compared to s.1
    • As the shooter doesn’t move, there is no need to put either the shooter or Range Officers through specialist training
    • It does not require barricades, panels and props (that is a signature of PSG), making it quick and easy to set up and run
    • No special equipment needed (EG belt rigs), so cheap and easy to take part in

Courses of Fire might include;

    • Long Range Slug – 100m bench rest vs targets with scoring zones, similar to Target Rifle and F-Class.
    • “Ten Pin Bowling” – two rounds of Slug per “frame” vs Bowling Pins, up to ten frames. Scores the same as ten pin bowling with Strikes & Spares.
    • “Speed Steels” – six rounds of Birdshot vs six plates… missed targets incur +5 second penalty.
    • Snooker – Twelve reactive steel targets. Six are red… nice and close. At increasing ranges, Yellow to Black targets. Scored just like snooker.
    • “Timed & Precision” & “Multi-Target” – these involve timed exposures of turning targets IE you can shoot them when then turn to face you, remaining visibly only for several seconds before they disappear.

You can see that there is definitely fun elements designed in and no hurdles in the way for someone to try their hand.

Being a member of a UKPSA/NTSA club and participating in Target Shotgun & Practical Shotgun disciplines are considered by Police to be “good reason” to own a Section 1 shotgun and acquire/buy s.1 Slug ammunition. However without a s.1 shotgun and ammo some aspects can still be done with a Section 2 shotgun and birdshot & buckshot ammunition.